Electric Vehicle Centre Africa (EVCA)

Derry V7 M7, Zim electric car

Derry M7 review: Zim’s first solar charging electric car

A little while ago we talked about electric cars and how the revolution is still some ways away from Zimbabwe. It appears the universe has a sense of humour because we were invited to the official launch of the Derry V7 and M7 by Electric Vehicle Centre Africa (EVCA). The car is made by the […]

Electric Cars Charging Zimbabwe vehicle EV

The electric vehicle revolution is far from Zim, according to the numbers

“The future is electric” is what most in the ‘developed’ world have been saying over the last half-decade or so. This has been supported by vehicle manufacturers declaring that they will be going electric for all future models from 2030 and beyond. Moreover, the European Union announced that all passenger vehicles (vans and cars) sold […]

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