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State of mobile money in Zambia (2023)

Over the last few years Zambia’s mobile money ecosystem has grown exponentially with a notable spike during the COVID-19 pandemic. With approximately 57% (11.24mn) of Zambia’s total population using mobile money services (2022), adoption is significantly ahead of regional counterparts such as Zimbabwe (25.8%), Malawi (35%) and Angola (2.9%). Let’s explore who the important players […]

SADC countries should copy Nigeria’s BVN to reduce bad debts

You wouldn’t guess it but SADC countries are great when it comes to having their citizens pay back what they owe banks. There are two outliers in Angola and Mozambique who had non-performing loan (NPL) ratios of 23% (2021) and 13%(2023) respectively. These ratios are 3-6 times above the world average (5.5%) when it comes […]

Zimbabwe’s domestic remittance landscape in 2023

In 2015 Zimbabwe’s Central Bank – the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) issued a new set of legislation that governed domestic remittance services for the first time. With a recent survey from the RBZ also giving us a closer look at how the domestic remittance landscape progressed over the course of a decade (2011-2022) it’s […]

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